Waiting For Yesterday, band of tomorrow


Juliet Luty, assistant editor

Waiting for Yesterday is a band composed of three Carlsbad High School Seniors: Gabi Zepeda, Hayden Webb and Peter Schrupp. When one examines the name of this new band, it seems somewhat confusing but for the members that was exactly the point.

“Waiting for Yesterday made no sense.  It worked” Webb said.

This band was formed after Schrupp and Webb decided they wanted the opportunity to write their own music and play exactly what they wanted. Schrupp is also currently the lead singer of Make It Last Kid and Webb is a member of The Review. Both boys got together with Zepeda to play new music with their own perspective.

“I wanted a chance to write and play my own music,” Webb said.

Also, Schrupp was interested in stepping back from the microphone and showing off his instrumental talents; Schrupp plays multiple instruments, especially drums.

“I really wanted to play drums,” Schrupp said.

Waiting for Yesterday plays mostly acoustic and very stripped down music. In Schrupp’s opinion, if the music stands well on it’s own then it should stand well in studio.

“The cool thing about it is if you can strip [our music] down and it still sounds good, then it’s good,” Schrupp said.

This indie-alternative group will be recording soon and has big goals for the future.

Until then, fans can find the band on Facebook. On their fan page titled Waiting for Yesterday, they post videos of their music as well as keep fans updated on upcoming shows and events.

“We are constantly working on new stuff and will hopefully have an EP out early next year,” Webb said.