Students beat teachers and crown new court


Instead of taking a whip cream pie in the face for losing Battle of the Generations, Mr. Muilenberg turns the tables on his competitor

Shon Cagungun, staff writer

Tension between the Carlsbad High School staff and students boiled over into an all out Battle of the Generations in the New Gym Friday. The students brought home the win and rubbed a celebratory plate of whipped cream in the faces of their teachers.

The NBC’s ‘Minute to Win it’ styled assembly brought the Loud Crowd out in full force to support the students who took on the teachers in the contest. ASB senior Sara Suleiman was happy about the turn out and school spirit.

“I think all the seats were filled,” Suleiman said. “There was good support.”

Students who attended this spirited event were in for a good show. The teachers came out strong flying through the relay race without much of a hitch. The outlook seemed bleak for the students, but they came back determined to win during the flip cup challenge.

“We cut them some slack in the beginning,” senior Josh Chiang said.

In the soda chugging competition,  the students played their game plan of pure domination and rebounded to win the overall competition. The teachers remained certain and adamant that they had the clear victory where it counted.

“Let’s be clear, the teachers dominated the students. Dominated,” Teacher Patrick Shinnefield said. “In the actual competition we were clearly victorious.

However, the crowd’s decision was in and the students grabbed their plates of whipped cream to give the teachers a parting gift.

“Mr. Muilenburg slapped some whipped cream out of my hands and into my face,” Chiang said. “The feeling was good though we were just completely elated.”

After the battle, the Homecoming Court was announced to the waiting student body.

The Princes are:

Sam Miller

Garrett Nato

Dominic LaPorta

Jake Siaosi

Kyle Runzel

Justin Feinman

The Princesses are:

Shannon Caulfield

Tilly Rudolph

Keeghan Sebahar

Taylor Mundy

Reina Castro

Catsy Downie

Congrats to the students for winning Battle of the Generations and to the Homecoming Court. Make sure to vote for your favorite prince and princess!