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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

Natalya Phillips hits all the right notes

Natalya Phillips is quickly becoming Carlsbad’s next celebrity. She hopes to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter and is well on her way there.

Her desire to be a part of a musical environment started at a young age. Phillips grew up in a household full of artistic talent with a music -producer father.

“I have been singing since I was four years old which is also when I discovered my love for performing,” Phillips said.

Wanting to learn more about music, Phillips taught herself to play the ukulele and piano. Eventually, she composed her first full length song “Beautiful Day.”

“I like to create songs that are emotional and calm ,” Phillips said.

As Phillips began to write more songs, she developed her own style. She classifies her music as “folk/pop.”  The inspiration for these songs come from the experiences in her everyday life.

“I write in the moment. I like to write about things that really happen to me so that I connect with people,” Phillips said.

She still feels the same passion for music as she did as a child. Two years ago, Phillips decided that she wanted to chase after her dream job to become a professional singer-songwriter.

She hopes that one day she will also be able to do live performances. Phillips realizes she has a lot of work ahead of her and her father helps her on the way there.

“My father guides me in the right direction, but I still like to create my own music,” Phillips said.

Phillips and her father are careful to preserve her own artistic style; she still has not seen the need to learn how to read music because composing on the piano and ukulele comes naturally to her.

Natalya Phillips has been working hard on completing her first album, “Whisper.” Her father and her singing coach, Terri Weiss (who also trains Dakota Fanning), are helping Phillips with this album.

“The album’s coming out around the end of the school year, but my single ‘You Remind Me of Christmas’ is already out,” Phillips said.

Her single and album can soon be found on iTunes. This album has taken up a lot of time, but Phillips makes sure that she stays on top of her school work. She even finds time be in the show choir and speech and debate program.

After graduation, Phillips plans to attend a music school where she can expand her knowledge further and grow as an artist. She makes sure that she stays true to herself and her own style, inside and outside of the recording studio. Natalya Phillips is well on her way to making her dream come true.

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  • T

    terriApr 15, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    glad to see you are keeping us up on natalya. thank you. i heard her on chs tv and wondered more about her. wow . beautiful voice. keep us posted from time to time.

  • A

    arewehumanorarewedancerMar 30, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    This is a great article!!!

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Natalya Phillips hits all the right notes