Student receives opportunity of a lifetime at local concert

Nick La Bounty, Assistant Editor

Junior Peter Schrupp attended the 94.9 Independence Jam in Oceanside with a sign and a dream. On August 29, Schrupp went with a few friends to enjoy the local concert, but unexpectedly his musical career reached new heights.

While cheering on one of his favorite bands, the Whigs, Schrupp held up a sign that read “Hey Whigs! Let me play bass for Hot Bed!” To Schrupp’s complete surprise, the Whigs invited the diehard fan backstage. Anxiously waiting while the manager previewed his demo CD, Schrupp’s heart beat like a drum. After he received the OK from the manager, Schrupp prepared to play on the biggest stage of his life.

“It was so amazing and surreal,” Schrupp said. “But being up there with the Whigs was surprisingly comfortable.”

With a roaring crowd of at least a thousand people cheering him on, Schrupp made his dream a reality and rocked out with the Whigs.

“I was so surprised when I saw Peter on stage,” Junior Brooke Nichols said. “It was so exciting, and I’m so happy for him!”

Schrupp has always loved music and lists Minus the Bear, Motion City Soundtrack, Kings of Leon, the Strokes and of course the Whigs as influences.

As part of a band, Schrupp has always made the stage his home, so being in front of a crowd was second nature. Schrupp’s band Make It Last Kid has been very successful and has won multiple Battle of the Bands competitions.

Playing on stage with the Whigs was Schrupp’s most memorable moment of his musical career thus far. As a cherished memento from the concert, a Whigs’ poster hanging on his wall reminds him of the experience that brought him his fifteen minutes of fame.

“This experience was a great way to top off an already amazing summer,” Schrupp said. “I’d really like to thank the Whigs for the opportunity.”


Currently, Make It Last Kid is searching for an experienced drummer to round off their band. If interested, contact them at: [email protected]

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