Q & A with Camryn Riccitelli

Samara Anderson, Editor in Chief

In the 2015-2016 school year, the ASB staff contained no sophomores. However this year, sophomore Camryn Riccitelli decided to apply for ASB and happened to be one of two sophomores who made it.

Lancer Link: Why did you decide to apply for ASB as a sophomore?

Camryn Riccitelli: I applied for ASB as a sophomore because I really wanted to bridge the gap between upperclassmen and underclassmen and I felt that if sophomores could be in ASB we could help freshmen and sophomores be more involved with the school and feel more at home on campus.

LL: What is it like having your dad be the teacher?

CR: Having my dad as a teacher is a really fun experience and it’s neat to see him in his “teacher mode” instead of his “dad mode.” Plus, he has a microwave in his classroom that I can use to heat up my lunch.

LL: How has it been fitting in with all of the upperclassmen?

CR: Fitting in with the upperclassmen was difficult at first because I felt a little bit like an outsider, but as the year went on I made more friends and became close with a lot of the juniors and seniors.

LL:Would you recommend the class to others? Why or why not?

CR: I would definitely recommend joining ASB, especially for underclassmen because it’s important to have sophomores and freshmen feel welcome at the school and they should be encouraged to engage in school activities.

LL: How has being in ASB impacted your high school experience?

CR: Being in ASB, has made my high school experience much more interesting because it has given me a sort of inside scoop to how all of the dances and fun school events are planned and all the work that actually goes into them.

LL: What do you feel you and your class have accomplished as far as school spirit and student involvement goes?

CR: I feel my class and I have gotten more students to attend the dances and football/basketball games than ever before. Students are now realizing how amazing our school is and really getting involved.

LL: Do you see yourself applying for a leadership position in years to come? Why or why not?

CR: I would like to be in a leadership position because I feel I can make some really positive changes on campus, and with the right people by my side in ASB I think we can do amazing things.