Spring sports combat the rain


Courtesy of Avery Stover and Abby Huhn

The 22-23 beach volleyball and softball teams pose after games. Both teams persevered despite the rainy weather.

Jordan Forman, Reporter

Southern California, especially Carlsbad, is known for its warm, sunny weather all year round. However, in the past weeks, San Diego has experienced more rain than usual. The rainy weather has affected many CHS athletes who are used to warm weather.

Women’s softball has been greatly affected by the rain. Junior Abby Huhn is committed to playing Division 1 softball at Iowa State University. Huhn has had a wonderful experience with high school softball.

“My favorite part about softball season is being competitive with my teammates,” Huhn said. “I love forming a bond with the new freshman, underclassman and players from JV. It is a competitive time, and it is really fun.”

The recent rainy weather has significantly affected the softball season. Huhn explained some of the challenges the team has faced due to the weather. 

“We have had so many canceled games, it really sucks,” Huhn said. “Hopefully, some of our games will be rescheduled, but we have had about seven games that have been canceled.”

Despite the challenges from the rainy weather, women’s softball has found many solutions to continue its season. Finding alternatives to continue training and practices has been essential to the team’s progress. 

“We have been hitting in the cages and trying to do other things besides being on the field because it is so rainy out right now,” Huhn said. “We have been trying to get on the turf when lacrosse isnt playing.” 

Women’s beach volleyball is another spring sport that has been greatly affected by the rainy weather in Carlsbad. Junior Avery Stover plays both beach and indoor volleyball. For Stover, the best part about the beach season is building bonds with her teammates. 

“My favorite part about beach volleyball is hanging out with all my friends,” Stover said. “I love making good memories with them throughout the season.”

Similar to softball, beach volleyball has experienced several cancellations due to the weather. Beach volleyball practices are at Tamarack Beach, not at an indoor facility. Therefore, when it rains, the team is unable to play on the sand.

“We have had to cancel a lot of our games and practices because of the rain,” Stover said.

Beach volleyball athletes hope to make up for practices and games. In the meantime, the team is finding other ways to continue training. 

“We have had to do our workouts indoors in the weight rooms,” Stover said. “We are trying to reschedule our games.”