Slam Dunk: Brooklyn Kelly and Jake Hall make 1000 career points


Gabi Roller

Lancer basketball athletes Jake Hall and Brooklyn Kelly face off against opponents, looking for the perfect time to score another basket.

Kaitlin Ferguson and Grace Fisher

Two Carlsbad High School athletes, senior Brooklyn Kelly, and sophomore Jake Hall, have recently achieved 1000 career points in their high school basketball careers. This is a significant accomplishment that will follow them for the rest of their time at Carlsbad. 

Hitting 1000 career points happens when a basketball player makes 1000 points during their high school basketball career. Senior Brooklyn Kelly, who has played basketball since Grade Six, shares what hitting 1000 career points means to her.

“Hitting 1000 career points is important because not a lot of people hit it,” Kelly said.  “Only one other person on our team has gotten it, which means that you’re an important scorer on the team and it means that you score a lot.”

Sophomore Jake Hall has been playing basketball since he was 5 years old. Hitting his 1000 career points early in his high school career is a motivation for his future. 

“Basketball is something that I love to do,” Hall said. “It means a lot, hitting that many points as a sophomore and it’s cool because not many people hit it in their whole career.”

Making it to 1000 points in a high school career is very exciting, and it is not very common to accomplish this goal. For many, it is a significant accomplishment. 

“I hit it against El Camino at home,” Kelly said. “The 1000 career points were really exciting. I loved how much the team was supportive and how much they really cared about me hitting it and making sure that happened in that game.”

For many athletes, being a part of a team is more than just playing a sport, it is also a fun and thrilling environment. Kelly expresses what basketball means to her and what her favorite part about the sport is. 

“My favorite part about it I think is just playing with a bunch of teammates and just being on the court,” Kelly said. “Being in that moment, wanting to win the game, wanting to score, especially playing for other people on your team.”

Many students play school sports to play with classmates or experience something new. However, some athletes, including Hall, strive to play at the next level after high school. 

“My favorite part about basketball is playing with a team and bonding with them to become better players,” Hall said. “A future goal for me is to play basketball at USC.”