New transfer Zack Marshall tackles the competition


Kaitlin Ferguson

Zach Marshall makes his first appearance of the game as he emerges from the Lancer tent.

Amiya Govind, Reporter

A force on offense, tight end Zack Marshall has had a huge impact on Lancer football after just six games. Carlsbad previously coming off an undefeated regular season, Marshall has contributed to yet another consecutive undefeated league title for Lancer football.

Carlsbad has a rich culture rooted deeply around sports and academics. Each student is held to a high standard to perform their very best whether they play a sport or not. Marshall reflects on the struggles of being a student-athlete and how he is able to manage his time with school, training, and other extracurriculars. Waking up early for morning lifts, attending school, going to practice, completing homework, and self-care is all a part of Marshall’s daily schedule. However, he is aware of the work required to reach his goals.

 “It’s very hard,” Marshall said. “I know sometimes being above and beyond is killing me, but it’s also what’s going to make you better in the long run. I try to make the most out of every minute.”

Marshall’s incredible work ethic on and off the field has proven to be extremely important to the success of the Carlsbad football team. The coaches at CHS put a lot of time and effort into making sure the team is ready each week. The environment on the field is very high tempo; there is no messing around, no slacking off, which is why Marshall’s dedication to the game helped him fit right in with the team. He reflects on how football is a perfect representation of life and acknowledges the work each and every player/coach puts into the program.

“No one goes through life alone, they need people on either side of them to help support them,” Marshall said. “We need people who are willing to give up the glory for others. The QB may get all the glory, but there are five guys blocking for him. There are four receivers trying to get open for him and the coaches are there every day to help him get better. The idea of teamwork, dedication, and willingness to work for something bigger than yourself is how this football program is so successful and it’s why I love the game.”

The coaches at CHS admire Marshall’s selflessness and dedication to the game of football. He makes plays on the field when it counts, and his size and speed have made him a threat on the field. He has proven to be a very versatile player, not only playing on offense but also on defense when needed. Scoring multiple touchdowns this year, he understands his role and works hard to maintain his performance every game. The Head Coach of Varsity Lancer football praises Marshall as a player. 

“He is a person of integrity, honesty, and he has a tremendous work ethic on and off the field,” Coach Mac said. “He lifts up everyone around him and creates a positive environment at practice and games. We have a fantastic team already and he made it even better.”

The Lancer football team is looking to win a CIF championship this year after being three-time Avocado League champions. They will be competing against teams such as Poway and Lincoln, both powerhouse schools. Marshall has ambitious goals for the playoff season. 

“We want to be the best team out here. I believe we are the best team out here,” Marshall said. “The job isn’t finished. We’re still chasing that ring. We’re excited to keep fighting and keep working for it, but we are well prepared and expected to do well.” 

Marshall will be taking his talents next year to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. But for now, he’s focused on winning Carlsbad yet another title to put in the books. 

“The idea of teamwork, dedication, and willingness to work for something bigger than yourself is how this football program is so successful,” Marshall said. “And it’s why I love the game.”