The One for D1

Olivia Lewis commits to UC Davis to play D1 soccer

Olivia Lewis playing on senior night against San Dieguito high school at CHS.

Photo Courtesy: Olivia Lewis

Olivia Lewis playing on senior night against San Dieguito high school at CHS.

Brooke Ferguson

Many people use sports as a way to improve mentally and physically, including senior Olivia Lewis. Lewis has played outside back on the CHS girls varsity soccer team for two years, and is committed to UC Davis to play D1 soccer for their team.

Lewis uses soccer as an opportunity to better herself and her future. She also uses soccer as a way to meet new people and create friendships that share the same goals she does.

“I’m looking forward to playing at UC Davis for the college experience, but also meeting my teammates,” Lewis said. “I’m excited to get close with them, but also being able to have built friendships.”

Although Lewis is looking forward to meeting new people at UC Davis, she still looks back at her favorite experience playing for the CHS varsity soccer team.

“My favorite part about high school soccer was definitely my teammates, they were so much fun and they made playing so enjoyable,” Lewis said. “We made a lot of great memories together; that was definitely the best part.”

Lewis has made unforgettable memories with her soccer team, and has persevered to help her team succeed. There is a bright future for Lewis, but it also took a lot of hard work mentally to get where she is today.

“One of the biggest challenges growing up playing soccer was definitely my confidence on the field and learning to be sure of myself,” Lewis said. “It was hard to not doubt myself on the field because it does really affect how you play.”

Through the years Lewis has been working on improving her confidence which has helped her grow as a player. She has continued to grind and push herself so she can play at the highest level at a school that is the right fit for her.

“I committed to UC Davis because I always liked the school, I really like the college town it offers, and the coaching staff is really great,” said Lewis. “Overall, the academics of the school, and how close it is to home really played a big factor on why I committed there.”

There is a bright future for Lewis, but she also wanted to give other athletes some advice who are trying to accomplish the same goals she is.
“Some advice I would give other athletes wanting to play in college would be to keep working with your sport and put an effort in,” said Lewis. “If you really want it, you have to put the effort in and you will definitely get the results you want.”