Jr. Varsity football wins again


Kara Kruger

Carlsbad JV quarterback Wesley Johnson, ready to receive the snap.

Kara Kruger, Reporter

Junior Varsity Football has won every game since the season began. They take the undefeated title seriously, and continue to train mentally and physically every week to maintain this reputation. With a few games left in the season, they work hard to stay high on the leaderboard.

The JV team switches out their team captains each week in order to give everyone the experience of a leadership role. When acquiring the position as captain, each team member has something valuable to bring to the table.

“We just back each other up,” Sophomore Wesley Johnson said. “When you’re a captain, you just go out and represent the team. You call the coin toss and send us into the game,”

The chemistry of the team and warm-up activities help them perform better in games. The extra boost of confidence is brought by the captain, who leads the team, who gets the team ready for the game.

“We have our captain Tom, and Tom likes to scream and hit us with stuff and that’s how we get pumped up for the game,” Sophomore Danny Valencia said.

The team members don’t only rely on each other to keep the game alive, active and fun but the audience also plays a huge role in the players’ performance. Many might assume that the players get distracted by their cheering fans. However, it seems it does the opposite for this team.

“The audience does a lot because when you make an insane play you just hear the whole audience light up and it makes our mood like ten times better,” Sophomore Danny Valencia said.

Keeping up with fitness and practices is a huge part of why Carlsbad JV football is performing so well, and weekly activities are very important. Specific workouts are necessary to keep the players in shape.

“They make sure their bodies’ [stay] contained and not overweight or underweight,” Assistant Coach Daniel Brunell said. “We do legs, we do arms, and lifting as well. We do about 10 40s every single practice.”

The games this season have been successful, a win every time. Players seem to think it was more about what went on inside their bodies and minds than what happened on the outside.

“Well mentally, we just prepared more than them,” Johnson said. “We are more disciplined at practice and it showed on the field.”