Stepping onto the court


Photo by Jack Bennett

Carlsbad High’s old gymnasium is home to the volleyball season’s practices and games.

Sophia Weis, Editor in Chief

With school being back to five days a week and students returning to some state of normalcy, sports have returned and students have been heavily involved. Sports like football and swim have come to an end but volleyball is still underway. The boys’ volleyball season began over a couple of weeks ago with new safety precautions and a determined attitude.

Since volleyball is a contact sport, equipment must be cleaned to be germ-free before the next group uses it. Masks are also mandatory on the court.

“The whole team is wearing masks and the balls we play with are sanitized often. Practices consist of a mix of conditioning and typical routines like hitting and passing,” junior Jack Bennett said.

The boys’ team aims to stay safe while participating in a sport they all love. Along with social distancing and masks, the boys are required to get a COVID test each week and test negative before coming to games and practices.

“Games and practices have been good but it’s been different with COVID since we have to test every week and wear masks but I’m glad that we have a season and can play,” junior Ben Steele said.

The whole team is wearing masks and the balls we play with are sanitized often.

— Jack Bennett

This extra buffer of safety allows for the boys to play comfortably and gives them a sense of security in knowing that their teammates are staying safe as well. Games have not always been easy for the boys as some of the teams they play have presented some tough competition.

“The practices so far have been really good and everyone is super competitive, games have also been super fun and we got to play some really good teams so far,” junior Aston Rice said.

As the school year is coming to a close, many are grateful to even have a season during this past year. The boys volleyball team has been extremely lucky since they have many games here at CHS and some away games as well.

“The games this season have gone well for us and all the boys have been playing really good,” Bennett said.