Practicing but not playing


Photo courtesy of coach Shanon

The cheerleading team practicing on campus in the recreational P.E. area

Kaitlin Ferguson, Social Media Editor

Students make necessary adjustments to keep practicing on campus, with a break from school sports that lasted almost a year.

Competing in sports this year has been different from past years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Freshman Delanie Meyers on the cheer team and sophomore Tiffany Lin on the golf team are making the most of their high school sports experiences this year despite the circumstances.

“It is a very positive experience going back, because I get to see my friends. I get to make new friends because there’s some new people on the team. And also the coach is really nice,” Lin said.

For Meyers, things are different as attending school and high school sports are more unknown to her. Adjusting to a new environment, school and situation can be difficult, but it seems to be going well.

“Practice has certainly been a positive experience for me. This is my first time being on a high school sports team. I’ve gotten to know a ton of new people and coaches, and it’s been really fun so far,” Meyers said.

High school sports definitely play a big role in how different people experience high school. Being on a team offers the opportunity to make new friends, and build connections that you can cherish for a long time. It’s great to be able to bond with friends over a sport and to know that they will always be there for you.

“It’s a whole new experience but now with COVID, with masks and social distancing, cheer being a contact sport, not being able to come in contact with each other, obviously changes the practices and what they look like a lot,” Meyers said.

The beginning of the year didn’t go as planned either during tryouts, having to try out was a new experience for everyone on the cheerleading team, when big changes were thrown in the way. But many of the girls seemed to make the most of every moment.

“We ended up having to try out virtually which on top of it already was hard like trying out for a new sport a new school a new team everything,” Meyers said.

Most athletes are thankful while sports begin again at CHS, they might look different or even feel a bit different, but the teams and these athletes are glad to be back and making the necessary adjustments, to keep everyone safe so that they can continue to keep competing.

“I think, as long as we’re safe and we wear masks. It’s good to see other people and to get out on the course and like, just like play golf in general,” Lin said.

Many people see sports starting up and think about more normal times, and seeing our CHS athletes back in full swing is exciting for many people.

“Having to mix in your films and all of that stuff that comes along with doing things over the internet was just crazy. But I made it, and I’m happy about that,” Meyers said.