Upcoming softball season


Photo by Jason Kanetakis

Carlsbad High’s softball field is once again in use following the early stop of the 2020 season.

Calli Moody, Reporter

The softball program is up and running with plans to have a full season this year. Last season was canceled due to COVID-19, and this has added to the players’ excitement for the upcoming season. Softball tryouts took place on March 15 and 16. Players like sophomore Paige Wilson are looking forward to the 2021 season.

“I am definitely looking forward to being with the team again,” Wilson said. “Everyone is super encouraging and kind to me and supports me on the field even when I don’t do my best.”

Before the season begins each year, the coaches hold pre-season workouts and practices. Players get to meet each other, and freshmen that participate get their first taste of high school softball. Freshman Abby Heun shares her favorite part of the pre-season so far.

“My favorite part of pre-season so far is meeting the girls in the program and becoming a part of the Carlsbad High School softball program,” Heun said.

Seniors last year had their season cut short when quarantine started. This year’s seniors missed out on last year’s season, losing their last season with some of their older friends. Senior London Jarrard talked about what the experience was like.

“When last season was canceled, I was devastated,” Jarrard said. “I played my last game with my older friends without even knowing it. I thought we were going to do really well but it was all cut short.”

There are traditions in the CHS softball program that are special to the players. These events had to be canceled last year. Events like senior day, when all of the seniors play, and the alumni game, where past players come back and play were all missed in last year’s season.

“I was super sad that our season was canceled last year because we only played a few games and never got to have our alumni game or senior day,” Wilson said. “I was especially sad to miss senior day because it’s a huge day for the seniors that is just a part of the high school experience.”

Softball is a vital part of high school for the players, as are all high school sports. Jarrard explains what she enjoys most about the program, and how special the experience is.

“I love the atmosphere of CHS softball,” Jarrard said. “The pregame warmup and hanging out right before we play is something I will always remember and cherish. I’m hoping us seniors will get to experience that one last time before we leave for college.”