Looking over the NBA playoffs

Charlotte Snow, Reporter

With a pandemic and the largest civil rights movement in recent history, it’s safe to say this has been a unique sports season. With a global shut down of world sports, many thought the 2019-2020 NBA season was over after Rudy Golbert tested positive for Covid-19. However, 2020 had more surprises in store for the sports world. On June 4, the NBA Board of Governors approved a comeback to basketball on July 30 with 22 teams returning to finish the playoffs.

A couple of months later, it was down to two teams. In the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat had swept through powerhouse teams, making upsets as they went. For Bucks fans, especially after Giannis Antetokounmpo rolled his ankle in Game 3, this season left a little more to be desired as their team was beaten in Game 5 to the Heat.

“It’s such a great group. Winning is important. We had high expectations starting the season, throughout the season, coming here. You always want to realize those expectations,” head coach Mike Budenholzer told reporters after their Game 5 loss.

Next, the Heat battled in the Eastern Conference Finals in a close standoff with the Boston Celtics. Miami led by one win, Celtics close behind.

“We all think that we’re the better team,” Jimmy Butler said. “We all think that we’re supposed to be here.”

However, the Heat managed to grab a fourth win, taking the Eastern Conference finals. In the west, the Lakers and Nuggets were fighting in a semi-final match-up no one saw coming. After a heart-pounding game 7 victory against the favored Los Angeles Clippers, the Nuggets went to the semifinals, leaving people wondering how they’d beaten the number two seed in the west.

“We are just not accepting that somebody’s better than us,” Nikola Jokic said.

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Their run didn’t last long. After only five games, the Nuggets were eliminated from the semifinals with a final score of 1-4. The Lakers advanced, much to the delight of the fans after last year’s disappointing season.

“My teammates said to bring us home and it was my responsibility to try to make the right plays and do the right things on the floor to help us win ball games,” Lebron James said.

Then it was a battle between two powerhouse teams in a final that looked to stretch itself to game seven. According to a poll on hoopsrumors.com, 68 percent of respondents believed the Lakers had it covered this year while the other 32 percent thought the Heat could take the Championship title. 

“The Lakers have a stacked team this year,” sophomore Elle Simon said. “They know what their job is and they’re good at it so I think they’re gonna win this year.”

However, in the first game between the two titans, the Lakers beat out Miami with an impressive final score of 116-98. The second game wasn’t much different with the Lakers winning 124-114. It was the third game when Miami pulled out the big guns, winning 115-104. Jimmy Butler scored 40 points alone with Tyler Herro following up with 17.

“This is up there,” Butler said. “But back then, I was killing it.”

In game four, the Lakers took their third win with a final score of 102-96. After this unsettling win, the Heat defeated them a second time, only to lose game six, giving the Lakers the championship title. After a celebration in the locker rooms and a call to his mother, Lebron faced the reporters with his fourth championship title under his belt.

“Laker nation wants their respect. And I want my damn respect, too,” James said.