Sophomore steps up to varsity football


Kristen Young

Sophomore Josh Davis intercepts the ball from San Marcos and runs it up the field. The Lancers won 28-7 in the home game to improve to 4-1 on the season.

Football is known as a sport of size, the tallest have the best chance of catching a pass, the biggest have the best chance of getting a sack. For an underclassman to make the varsity football team, the coaching staff must see a high potential in the athlete and believe they can contribute to improve the teams performance throughout the season. Sophomore Josh Davis has proven himself and earned a starting position on this seasons varsity team.

In the game against Mission Hills, Davis had 4 solo tackles, 5 team tackles and 1 interception. His success during games and practices has earned himself a starting safety position on defense. Safeties cover the middle and sidelines of the field in pass coverage and look to grab an interception if the opportunity presents itself. 

“On defense I am kind of one of the last lines of defense,” Davis said. “I’ll sometimes cover receivers or I’ll play deep zone in the back.”

Holding such a strong role on the team calls for not just a big game, but a big game day. Preparation for football is crucial to success on the field. From Davis’s past year on JV, he has learned what pre-game he needs to do in order to bring his A game.

“Pre-game I just try to get my mind right and try to get my body right,” Davis said. “Stretching and getting myself good food and water throughout the day and help get me prepared for the game.”

You have to go one hundred percent every day at practice, every rep in practice, and every sprint in practice to make the varsity team-exactly what Josh does.

— junior Tyler Nolte

To make the varsity level at any grade takes hard work and and dedication. While playing on a high level team the athletes must bring everything to the table and use their abilities to better their team. Davis recognizes the  importance of high intensity practices in order to improve personally and with the team.  

“You have to go one hundred percent every day at practice, every rep in practice, and every sprint in practice to make the varsity team-exactly what Josh does,” junior Tyler Nolte said. 

The team is currently 4-1 on the season and have important games coming up in the next few weeks (Torrey Pines on Oct 4 and La Costa on Oct 25) that could help the team make it back into the Open Division playoffs. Davis has big goals for his future on the varsity football team and hopes to help the team win a CIF Championship.

“My goals for the future are to do anything I can to help the team win, our goal is a CIF Championship,” Davis said. “My family has supported me through everything I’ve done so far with football and the team and also my coaches keep encouraging me and try to get me to play to the best of my ability.”