Jeo Canseco-Galan: from playing to coaching


by Ian Mackay

Jeo Canseco-Galan watches the JV boy’s soccer game and writes down the stats of each player.

Leading a group can be a challenge, so it is not rare for leaders to find assistants to help them with their duties. This is exactly what sophomore Jeo Canseco-Galan does for the JV boys soccer team for the season. As the assistant coach, he is able to be apart of the team and take part in the sport he loves.

“My commitments are attending all the practices and games and starting up the practice by setting down the cones,” Canesco-Galan said.

As this is his first experience with assistant coaching, Canesco-Galan has not been able to be involved as much as he would like to be. Throughout the season, he hopes to be able to be more apart of the team and have more of an impact on the players.

“I feel like I’m not doing much because I’m not use to it, but once I am, I will be able to push the players and motivate them,” Canesco-Galan said.

With his experience of playing soccer for multiple years, Canesco-Galan can relate to the athletes and what they go through during the seaon. Also being around the same age as them gives him a more one-on-one connection with the players.

“I feel like I can be a role model to players with the soccer background I have and advice I might be able to give them and through my actions of staying humble and being composed,” Canesco-Galan said.

He helps Coach Sean Gurley lead their team of 24 boys every day at either practice or a game so that Canesco-Galan can support his school and team in every way he can.

Despite being a seemingly capable soccer player, Canesco-Galan will not be playing for any team this high school season. Since he is not going to be playing soccer this season, he was given the opportunity to join the team still, while being their assistant coach.

“I’m not allowed to play soccer this year due to pain on both my legs which I believe are stress fractures,” Canesco-Galan said.

Many athletes will just quit or wait for their injury to heal and take a break from their sport. For Canesco-Galan, he took this opportunity to still help the team without having to put himself into more stress and pain. His passion for soccer gave him the ability to stay with the team and support them.

“I just wanted to be involved with soccer and that was the way to go,” Canesco-Galan said.