Athlete of the Week: Alexa Mikeska


Courtesy of Varsity Girls Basketball

Freshman Alexa Mikeska goes up for the jump shot. Mikeska is averaging 8.6 points per game 10 games into the season.

Ian MacKay, Reporter

Freshman Alexa Mikeska is the starting point guard for the varsity girls basketball team this season. Changing from playing club basketball to high school basketball can be difficult, but so far this season she is handling the pressure. The point guard position is crucial to the teams offense and Mikeska has been a strong player. She has a team leading 47 steals in only 10 games into the season.

Lancer Link: When did you first start playing basketball?

Alexa Mikeska: I first started playing basketball when I was about six. 

LL: Why did you want to start playing basketball?

AM: I started playing a little bit just for fun in the backyard every time I could but really wanted to compete when I was six or seven.

LL: What position do you play?

AM: I play point guard and what I love most about it is that I can run all the plays and settle down the offense when it gets sped up.

LL: What’s your favorite team to play against?

AM: My favorite team as of now to play is El Camino because I know a lot of them from club and it is a good competition. 

LL: Why do you wear the number zero?

AM: I didn’t choose my number I was just the last one to pick but it kinda stuck on me.

LL: What has been your favorite game so far and why?

AM: My favorite game was the Rancho Bernardo game because we beat them and they’re a D1 school and we all played together.

LL: How often do you play basketball a week?

AM: I practice basketball about three days a week and games are twice a week. Also, we practice almost every Saturday.

LL: How has being on the varsity team affected you as a player?

AM: I love playing on varsity because it is a great way to test my skills and I love everyone on my team. I feel like we bond really well.

LL: What’s your favorite part about being a part of the team?

AM: My favorite part of being on the team is that intense they [my teammates] are almost all older than me, and I can learn from their past experiences.