Athlete of the Week: Lexi Wright


Sophomore Lexi Wright winds up for the shot on goal. Courtesy of Lexi Wright.

Callie Hernandez, Reporter

Sophomore Lexi Wright is starting off her second year on the varsity team. Being a starter and having a big role in the team has made her the player she is today. As one of the few sophomores on the varsity team, getting experience with teammates and opponents that are committed to college helps prepare her for the next two years of soccer at Carlsbad.

Lancer Link: When did you first start playing soccer?

Lexi Wright: I first started playing when I was about seven.

LL: Why did you want to start playing?

LW: So I started with recreational [soccer] and I wanted to play club because I wanted to get these jackets that [you get when you join] came with when you went to the club. So I wanted to have a jacket that’s why I started playing.

LL: What position do you play?

LW: I play forward, normally outside forward. I like the attacking part and scoring goals.

LL: Favorite team to play against?

LW: I like playing Torrey Pines because I know a couple of the girls who go there. They play on my club team, so it’s fun to play against them; they are a good team so its very competitive.

LL: Why do you wear number 13?

LW: Well last year, the original number I wanted got taken away, so then I chose 13 because I also like the number 13 and I wanted to have it for all four years.

LL: What is your favorite part of the season?

LW: We do team dinners and those are really fun and just hanging out with all the girls is really fun.

LL: How often do you play soccer a week?

LW: Around 8 to 10 hours including games and practices, but it depends on the number of practices a week.

LL: How has being on the varsity team affected you as a player?

LW: I thinks its made me better because I’m playing with girls that are two or three years older than me so I feel like it helps me push myself to be better.