FEATURED ATHLETE: Exploring Trent Lopez’s passion


Tosh Everett

Junior Trent Lopez tells Lancer Link what he loves about rollerblading.

Junior Trent Lopez has a passion for the unconventional sport of rollerblading, which is not done by many students in Carlsbad. He has enjoyed the sport since the day he started and plans on continuing throughout high school.

By rollerblading, Lopez has accomplished a sense of individualism with his passion. Rollerblading is not an everyday sport that many people participate in, and that is one thing Lopez enjoys about it.

“It’s funny that not many people can do it, and not many people even think about it,” Lopez said.

Although there is a debate whether or not rollerblading is a sport, Lopez is determined to put an end to this controversy. He encourages people to become aware of this activity by simply acting on his passion– and having fun while doing it.

“Rollerblading is definitely a sport and more people need to realize that,” Lopez said.

Some people think rollerblading was more common for the kids in the early 2000s, but Lopez and his classmate, senior Jake Lippert, believe they themselves can bring it back for the kids in this time period to enjoy.

“It’s a lost art that nobody really considers doing anymore because it is kind of old,” Lopez said.

Lopez reaps many benefits from rollerblading, which is one reason why he enjoys the sport so much. Rollerblading is not just a fun activity to take part in, but it also keeps people active and in shape.

“Rollerblading is the best way to get toned legs, as well stay in shape in a fun way,”  Lippert said.

“I didn’t intentionally start rollerblading, but I am glad I started it,” Lopez said.

Lopez considers his daily passion more than just an after school activity, as he hopes to achieve success with rollerblading as he gets older and does not want to lose interest in the unique hobby.

“Overall, rollerblading is more of a lifestyle than a hobby,” Lippert said.