Q&A: Tobias Williams

Sophomore Tobias Williams talks about being motivated in soccer in order to have the most fun he can have.


Jordan Bryant

Sophomore Tobias Williams kicks the ball away from opponent during last Friday’s varsity soccer game. San Marcos won with the ending score being 1-0.

Students athletes are motivated by many different factors, but for sophomore Tobias Williams, the excitement he gets from playing soccer has kept him committed. Tobias’ love for soccer began under the influence of his family.

Lancer Link: What first got you into soccer?

Tobias Williams: My mom first started doing soccer, then my dad, so then I started too.

LL: How long have you been playing soccer?

TW: I started when I was six years old.

LL: What do you like about soccer?

TW: What I like about soccer is it can get rid of stress, and you have fun as it gives you energy.

LL: What keeps you motivated when playing soccer?

TW: It makes you get out of a shell and get to know people more.

LL: What achievements have you made so far in soccer and are most proud of?

TW: I am mostly proud of getting sponsored by Adidas and getting a ton of Adidas soccer shoes and headbands.

LL: Do you think more people should play soccer?

TW: I think more people should play because I think it’s a really fun sport.

LL: How is your season going?

TW: My season is going great, but I know we can do better.

LL: What major improvements do you hope to make in your performance?

TW: I want to improve more so I can do better. I don’t mind if I lose or win; it’s about having fun.