Kicking it with girls soccer


Adoley Swaniker

Freshman, Caitlin McCarthy (right) and Erin Sinai (left), practice their kicks before the Westview game. Both girls hold impactful positions on womens varsity soccer.

Kicking into the girls soccer, the team has developed certain techniques that would give the team an extra boost during the game. With the next game coming up on Jan. 31, the team perfected their kick in order to perform at the highest level. By practicing, the team members have a few ways of generating an effective kick for the game.

This year, freshman Katrina Dang is playing on the freshman team. Playing since first grade, Dang has developed new skills and formations that help improve her overall performance while on the team.

“While on the team, I [focused] on my first touch and looking over my shoulder to be aware of my surroundings,” Dang said.

Whilst practicing, Dang has learned a few tweaks here and there on her kick. With her position as the team’s forward and sometimes outside mid, Dang came to a realization of the amount of techniques needed to be incorporated. These skills would help Dang as she pursues her high school career on the team.

“Make sure you have the right technique,” Dang said. “Planting your foot next to the ball and striking the ball with the right part of your foot will help.” 

Freshman Isabela Vega who is also on the freshman soccer team has also improved on her technique as she plays center forward and attacks center mid.

“While on the team, [make sure to check] over your shoulder,” Vega said. “Checking how much time you have is important when you play soccer at the high school level.”

Being mostly center forward, Vega showed the different components needed in order to play in her position. 

“Face where you want to kick and follow through,” Vega said.

Practices consisted of certain skills Vega has learned to integrate. Stamina is important in order to play in her position.

“You have to run a lot to have stamina and run from box to box and practice on my shooting,” Vega said.

Both Dang and Vega have learned drastic amounts of techniques that would be applied to their upcoming games. While learning these techniques, the team was able to polish their technique and execute an effective kick. The team has also learned to take opportunities and continue to improve on their overall game. 

“[Being on the team] made me love getting the opportunity to meet and play with new people,” Dang said.