SDSU brings home the win against Stanford


Jenna McMahon

At the SDSU stadium, everyone runs onto the field to celebrate. The Aztecs beat Stanford 20-17 on Sept. 16.

Jake Kremers, Sports Editor

On Sept. 16, the San Diego State Aztecs faced the Stanford Cardinals in what may have been one of SDSU’s most exciting games to date. Stanford was ranked 19th in the nation, where SDSU was far from being in the top 25.

Many Carlsbad High School students drove down to watch the team and the multiple Carlsbad alumni playing in the game.

“It was cool to see some Carlsbad alumni like Troy Cassidy and Christian Chapman,” sophomore Kyle Vassau said. “There were eight total alumni in the game.”

To the crowd’s surprise, SDSU held a close game. They controlled the lead throughout the first half, which would eventually lead into an exciting finish. Many who went to the game said there was a huge momentum shift when all the lights went out in the stadium. The power outage made for a big energy boost and resulted in a game-winning drive and interception to seal the victory.

“The stadium was filled with electricity and made for a great and fun game,” Vassau said.

Home field advantage was key in the team’s success. The stadium exceeded 40,000 people, including hundreds in support from the Carlsbad area. Vassau is one of the JV football teams leaders and was inspired by the way SDSU and their players took accountability to their performance and play.

“I really took notice to how [the players] carried themselves on the field,” Vassau said.

This upset win rose SDSU to the 19th seed, the same rank that Stanford previously had. This game bumped Stanford out of the rankings and resulted in SDSU’s running back, Rashaad Penny, entering the Heisman Trophy watch list. Penny went on to rush for 175 yards, and made a spectacular play to take the lead in the second quarter.

“Their running back made some really exciting plays including a big touchdown,” sophomore North Dewhurst said.

What really caught Carlsbad students’ attention was that former quarterback for CHS, Christian Chapman, played as the starting quarterback and led a big comeback win with less than a minute left in the game. Sophomore DJ Young recalls the quarterback’s defining moment that established the victory.

“Chapman ran a play-action call to the right and hit their tight end for about a 15-yard touchdown,” Young said. “They were losing 13-17 at the time, so the touchdown was huge for their win.”

Vassau, Dewhurst and Young all went to the game and took back with them an experience they will not forget.

“That was by far the best football game I have ever been to. I don’t know what could top that,” Vassau said.