7 fit tips for summer 2017

Mikayla Wood, Staff Writer

Summer can be a fun, yet busy time, and it is important to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle.  Here are seven tips to keeping up your fitness over these net couple months while traveling and vacationing:

1.) Keep hydrated: Whether you are spending the whole day at the beach, the airport or touristing around, it is important to drink a lot of water to remain healthy, hydrated and energized.

2.) Walk the airport terminals: While waiting to board your plane, you can take advantage of the long airport terminals.  Walk back and forth with your headphones in and take advantage of this waiting time in motion.

3.) Workout in the car: Summers can consist of many long car rides and road trips, but this shouldn’t keep you from exercising.  You can keep moving by belly busting, spine stretching and tension tackling in this limited space.

4.) Hotel fitness centers: Traveling over summer can lead to a lot of stays in hotel, so be sure to book a hotel with a fitness center so you can maintain workouts.

5.) Use a pedometer: Keep track of your steps each day by using a pedometer and try to reach the healthy goal of 10,000 steps a day.

6.) Take the stairs: An easy way to keep active is by taking the stairs whenever possible.  Avoid escalators and elevators when possible and keep your steps up.

7.) Be adventurous: Take advantage of this vacation time and good weather by going on hikes, snorkeling and trying paddle boarding.