Sisters “swim” onto varsity


Jenna McMahon

On the girls varsity water polo team, there are not one, not two but three sisters playing. Bella, Fiona, and Lauren Schmidt have all been playing water polo together for about three years now. Bella is a junior, Fiona a sophomore, and Lauren is the newest to high school sports as a freshman. They have all come far as players and enjoy playing on the same team together.

“It’s good, they’re cool. I like to see them succeed,” Bella said.

Lauren is a goalie, Fiona is a field player, and Bella is a guard. With the three sisters all playing different positions, it gets competitive in the water when they scrimmage.

“Since I’m a goalie, you don’t want your sisters to shoot on you and you definitely don’t want them to score on you,” Lauren said.

All three sisters have their own opinion on how competitive it gets between them. Whether it’s scoring on each other or competing for the ball they are always challenging each other to play their best.

“Lauren is a goalie, so it’s not really competitive with her, but definitely with my older sister because we are always competing against each other and I know my older is sister is better than me but I always like to challenge that,” Fiona said.

Out of the three sisters, Bella has been playing the longest. To play a sport like water polo for as long as Bella has, it definitely takes commitment. 

“I have been playing since I was nine, so about seven years,” Bella said.

Bella’s two younger sisters have not been playing as long as she has, but they work hard and enjoy playing at the level they are at. Lauren, being a freshman on varsity, has to work even harder to keep playing along side her sisters and older teammates.

“It’s really fun playing at a high level. Plus, with my sisters on the team, you get to really get to have fun with it,” Fiona said. 

When playing any sport, there is always something you have to work to get better at. Setting goals for a season is always a good thing to do, and the Schmidt sisters’ competitive nature always has them looking to do more.

“I definitely wanna get stronger in my legs,” Lauren said.

All three Schmidt sisters are very passionate about water polo. They love how competitive it gets and competing against one another, because they know they are making each other the best they can be.

“We try not to kill each other too much,” Lauren said.