Boys volleyball takes it to the beach

Jillian Della Penna, Lancer Express Editor-in-Chief

As the new school year continues, many changes fill the campus. A change came to the Carlsbad beach volleyball program which has expanded from having just a P.E. class to a competing boys beach volleyball team.

Beginning in August, the boys beach volleyball team practices every Tuesday and competes in games every Thursday.  

“I think we have a really strong program right now,”  senior Devin Van Siclen said. “We have a lot of good underclassmen and the sport is becoming more well known around the school so at this point, I think the program can only go up from here.”

The majority of the beach volleyball team consists of indoor players, looking to experience a different version of the sport. Beach volleyball has obvious game setting differences from indoor, and contrasts within specific rules.

“Indoor and beach are different because when you set, the ball can only spin a certain number of times in beach.” senior Jack Clinnin said. “When playing beach, it is also different  because you cannot jump as high in the sand and there are occasional winds that can throw you off and there is only four people on a whole team and only two play at a time”

The Carlsbad volleyball program has always provided a strong background for both boys and girls teams. Each team has found success for multiple years in the CIF division playoffs and championships.

“Playing indoor volleyball is nice because it is easier to jump and hit harder but personally I like beach better,”  Van Siclen said. “There are only two players on the court so I am involved in every play.”

The beach players participate in competitive games against other teams in the local North County area. The recently developed team is expected to end the first beach volleyball season in November.

“We have a game every Thursday either at ‘Red’s beach’ in downtown Carlsbad or at the other school’s beach volleyball courts.” senior Jack Goedken said. “The games are broken down into individual sets or games to 21, and you have to win by two or more points. The first team to win two sets wins the match.”

While playing volleyball in a relaxed environment, the team maintains a competitive mindset. The players put in the work required in order to achieve common goals.

“I feel like everyone is trying their hardest because we want to do our absolute best to win and represent Carlsbad.” senior JJ Steccato said.