The Waumans continue volleyball legacy at CHS


Photo Courtesy: Purple Shield

Kyle Kluis, Staff Writer

Braeden and Maddy Waumans are sibilings and CHS volleyball players on campus. The two are continuing to build on their family volleyball legacy, started by their older brother and current Cal State Northridge player, Emerson Waumans.

Braeden, a senior outside hitter, is in the midst of another successful season, helping lead the Carlsbad boys volleyball team to a 14-4 record and the title of 16th best team in the nation. Maddy, a sophomore setter, finished her first varsity season back in the fall and shows potential as a  leader of the Carlsbad Lady Lancers in upcoming years.

With volleyball consuming their free time, we here at The Lancer Link decided to find out some more about their personal lives.

The Lancer Link: How tall are you?

Braeden: 6’3.

Maddy: 5’11.

LL: What do you like to do in your free time?

B: I like to air-soft with my boys.

M: I like to hang out with my friends.

LL: What is your favorite color?

B: Green.

M: Purple.

LL: Do you play club and if so what team do you play for?

Both: Yes, we play for Coast Volleyball Club.

LL: Who’s your favorite musical artist?

B: Flume.

M: Justin Bieber, he’s so dreamy.

LL: Who would you vote for in the upcoming election?

B: I’m not sure yet.

M: I would vote for Trump.

LL: Who’s your favorite volleyball player?

B: I would have to say Tomkey (Mr. Tomkinson).

M: Misty Mae Trainor.

LL: Team iPhone or Team Android?

B: Android.

M: iPhone.

LL: Would you say that there’s somewhat of a sibling rivalry between the two of you?

Both: Yes, absolutely.