Boys basketball defeats Orange Glen

Ellie Meck, Staff Writer

Friday, Jan. 8 marked the annual White Out basketball game at Carlsbad High as the boys varsity basketball team faced off against Orange Glen in their third home game of the season. In a White Out game, the audience remains silent until the home team scores the tenth point. When the team scores that point, the audience cheers and throws confetti into the air.

Starting out with a silent crowd, the Lancers finished the first quarter with a 13-6 lead against Orange Glen.

“We had a rough start,” senior Jake Dobbs said. “But ever since we got our transfers back, our camaraderie and skill has never been better.”

The Lancers took the lead at the end of the second quarter with a score of 25-20 by halftime. During halftime, the Lancer Dancers performed. Also, APES and CP Marine Science teacher Mr. Muilenburg and Huy Nguyen participated in the Jersey Mike’s half-time contest, where they shot baskets under a time limit. Muilenburg won after he scored four baskets. After halftime, the second half progressed with quick back-and-forth movement on the court and by the end of the fourth quarter, the teams were tied 44-44. Overtime was on its way. In order to win the game, the Lancers had to use new strategies and careful planning.  It seemed as if the Lancers were going to take it all, until Orange Glen came back at the end of the third quarter, bringing the score to just 32-31 with the Lancers leading.

“A lot of our strategy has to do with not giving up,” Dobbs said.

As simple as it seems, this strategy went a long way. Finally, the Lancers finished won the game with a score of 57-52. The Lancer’s top scorers were Stone Stapleton and Alan Graham, each racking up 17 points in the game.

That makes the Lancers two and 12 in this year’s season so far. The stats may be low, but their determination is nothing but high. This year, the boys maintain a different mentality in order to ensure future success.

“This year, our will to fight is different,” Dobbs said.