Girls water polo meet their match


Marianna Marsden

On Tuesday Jan. 12, Carlsbad competed against Bishops. Megan Phillips(#7) tries for an assist in hopes of bringing the score back up. Although a tough game resulting in overtime, Lancers lost by one point in the last 20 seconds of the 6th period.

Lauren Henry, Staff Writer

On Jan. 12, Carlsbad girls varsity water polo went into their seventh game with their heads held high, especially after their conference win against El Camino last week. Knowing that The Bishop’s school has a competitive edge, the Lancers approached the game with a defensive spirit.

Senior Erin Vaupel played an aggressive and attentive role as goalie throughout the duration of the game. She helped keep the Bishops score with her forceful blocks.

“We played really well,” junior Taylor Onstott said. “We just weren’t able to pull through at the end. We played good team defense and we communicated pretty well. Next time we need to move the ball better offensively.”

The Lancers lead the game 5-2 up until the fourth quarter. Junior Julia Silvestri displayed determination while racking up some points for the Lancers in order to maintain their advantage.

“I feel like we really grew together as a team and learned our strengths and weaknesses through this game,” senior Jessica Smith said. “It was a really close game and we lost, but it ultimately was a good experience.”

Sophomore Amy Coval showed persistence and tenacity in her shots against the Bishops goalie. Though many of her shots were blocked, she continued with her grit and proved an essential player in the game.

“Next time we will pull together better as a team in order to beat the Bishops,” Smith said. “We will work on our offense and stay consistent on our defense.”

Although the team was in the lead for the majority of the game, they were unable to beat the Bishop Knights in overtime with their finishing score being 8-7 Bishops.

“I think our defence did their best and they need to keep up what they’re doing, but our offense needed some help,” junior Megan Phillips said. “Overall, I think the team tried to pull through with our great communication and determination.”