Boys varsity tennis stays devoted to CIF success


Hannah Kellermeyer

As boys tennis season wraps up, they prepare to head into CIFs.

Mady Christian, Writer

Boys varsity tennis, after participating in the final matches of the season, including a rivalry match with Sage Creek, quickly moves to transition into preparing for CIF, working and practicing harder than before in order to destroy their competition heading into CIF. The match against Sage Creek, both a strong determinant of the team’s anticipated success in the upcoming CIF matches and a local team rivalry ended in a victory for CHS.

“We did really well, and we won, and it was really fun because they’re a new team obviously and don’t have any upperclassmen because Sage Creek is relatively new and they still don’t have any seniors,” senior Colby Jordan said. “I think we were able to show that we are a good team and have some good players.”

After playing one other additional game to close out the season against LCC, the boy’s varsity tennis team immediately shifted gears and began to train vigorously in order to find success in the beginning of the CIF matches.

“We did alright in the season. I think we could’ve done better but we’re a solid team,” senior Reece Bryan said. “In CIF I think we’ll do well because we’ve got a lot of solid individual players and we’ve been preparing.”

The team has been practicing harder than before in anticipation of the upcoming CIF matches, not letting any other variable stand in the way of playing well.  They quickly realized that a balance between their dedication to practice and their education was crucial to their overall success.

“We’re just practicing a lot, and with AP tests coming up it’s going to be difficult, but we’re going to try our best to work around it and fit in as much practice as we can,” Bryan said.

Though their dedication to practice will help greatly with their CIF success, the team’s ability to keep and open mind and have a strong attitude has been, and will continue to be their strongest asset during tournaments.

“We’re just going to try to do as well as we can, but it’s going to be tough because we don’t know who we’re going to be playing,” Jordan said.  “We’re going to do as well as we can and play our hearts out and not give up even if we make some mistakes.”

With the team’s well-rounded behavior, their ability to have unwavering confidence without arrogance and their devotion to practice, it’s safe to anticipate that boys varsity tennis will do really well in CIF.

“Work hard, follow your dreams, and you can do it,” Bryan said.