Boys varsity lacrosse anticipates success in future games


Hanna Dupre

Ty Funderburk protects the ball from a Pacific Ridge player. Carlsbad Lancers played hard but could not overcome the Fire Birds.

Mady Christian , Writer

For every sports season, the lull of the mid-season can potentially inspire disinterest among team members, leading to cracks in a once-strong season. Though many teams typically fall victim to their mid-season, boys varsity lacrosse did exactly the opposite, quickly becoming a team with a strong winning streak.

“Every day we all get out to practice, and we’re all really into it,” senior Dallin Haslam said. “we’re putting everything out on the field, and every day we’re working to get better, so we plan to win in the future.”

After losing their first three games, boys varsity lacrosse won their first official league game against Westview High School, paving the road for success as they won the next game following. However impressive this turn around may be, there was no loss of effort in the time leading up to their wins.

“Every day at practice we set goals for ourselves,” Haslam said. “For example, we’ve set goals to get all of the ground balls first, we’re going to play defense as well as we can, and we’re not going to let anybody score or miss any of our own shots.”

In addition to their concerted effort during practice and games, the boys varsity lacrosse team has used their closeness to initiate teamwork, and ultimately success.

“We’re still finding how we can work together as a team, and I think as the season goes on we’ll eventually find it and ultimately learn how best to work with each other,” senior Cameron Bloch said.

This newfound winning streak, though important to the entire team as a whole, has made a more specific impact on the seniors of the team as they play their last season together at Carlsbad High School. Though some senior members plan to keep playing in the future, the final season has been a bittersweet experience for many.

“I feel like as a team we have a really good brotherhood going on, we’re all pretty good friends and that translates on to the field because we can all help each other out,” Haslam said.”Being a senior it’s kind of bittersweet, but its super fun that I’ve played the whole four years here at Carlsbad.”

Using their teamwork skills, their dedication to the sport, and their need for success in the season, Carlsbad boys varsity lacrosse has a strong future ahead of them this season.

“I expect the rest of the season is still going to be pretty hard, but I expect us to pull through and make it a good year,” Bloch said.