Surf Team makes waves in San Diego


Junior Evalani Jarrard wins first place in a surf competition amongst multiple schools. Jarrard placed in front of female surfers from LCC, Torey Pines, and San Diego.

Megan Schoen, Features Editor

There’s something about tasting the salty ocean air, soaking in the sunshine and catching the perfect wave on the southern California coast. Although this seems like the opening scene to a classic surf movie, it is actually what many CHS students do everyday. Few high schools can boast having a surf team on campus, because for most of the country, it is physically impossible. The surf team combines high school sports with local culture to create a competitive activity worth recognition.

“We have five regular season contests throughout the year, and they are San Diego section contests,” head coach Mr. Blackburn said. “We also have two state contests and then Nationals. Our season goes from the end of September all the way through June.”

Surfing is typically identified as an individual sport, characterized by the solitude of the vast ocean and endless waves. Surf team, however, puts a unique spin on the classic beach activity by allowing students to experience the high school sports team aspect and work towards a common goal.

“I started surfing just for fun, but I love the team aspect and the camaraderie that you have with a team,” senior Elizabeth Grove said. “I joined surf team not really knowing anyone, but everyone was super welcoming and friendly. I found a place there.”

Just as with any other sport, surfing requires many hours of practice and dedication to be successful in competitions. Unlike those sports, however, surfing conditions change daily, creating new and ever-present obstacles for the athletes.

“The waves dictate what we do at practice,” coach Blackburn said. “Sometimes we will let the kids just go out and surf. Other times we will try to create mock heats or mock contests to give the kids more experience.”

The many hours of practice put in by the athletes pays off in competition; the teams have proved to be extremely successful this current season.

“There have been four regular season San Diego section contests,” coach Blackburn said. “We surf an A team and a B team with about 20 kids on each team. Up to this point both teams are undefeated, 4-0.”

Surf teams remain unique and indigenous to the cities along the coast. This creates new opportunities and unique experiences, especially for students who did not grow up by the beach.

“I moved here two years ago and have always had a passion for surfing but never had the means to surf because I didn’t live next to the beach,” Grove said. “Being able to have an outlet like surfing is the most special thing. I fell in love.”