New factors bring positive results for the girls basketball team


Hannah Kellermeyer

Junior Kimberley Wynn goes for a free throw shot against the opposing team. Lancers beat Orange Glen High School by a win of 63-8.

Samantha Simmons, Opinion Editor

The senior girls varsity basketball players have been dominating the court so far this season, but spectators have also gotten a glimpse of some sophomores and juniors demonstrating what the program has to look forward to. After losing a surplus of seniors from the team last year, returning varsity players have had to adjust to the addition of six new players, from last years JV team.

“I think that we have bonded really well,” senior Danielle Bosley said. “There is a pretty big age difference with a lot of seniors and a lot of sophomores this year, but we have definitely overcome the age differences and have found a way to all get along and work together.”

Along with new players, the varsity team has also adapted to the arrival of two new coaches, Coach Amanda Rawlings and Coach Josh Gordon, introduced by the varsity basketball coach/athletic director, Amanda Waters.

“Coach Rawlings has been helping us with our footwork, defense, and strength and agility training,”  junior Sam Reed said, “But most of all I think she’s helped us work as a team.”

The varsity players have been enjoying the encouragement from both of their new coaches and have had no problem respecting their decisions during the game. The players feel that they have grown as individual players and as a team from the advice and mentorship of the new coaches.

“Both of the coaches have been helping us improve a lot,” sophomore Dominique Liebentritt said. “They’re both young coaches and they know the game well. They are in it to win it like the rest of us and I’m excited to see what they have in store for us.”

It appears that the new coaches will remain with the varsity team and will continue to help the players grow.  Whether it’s the seniors relishing the last few games of their high school career, the underclassmen gaining experience as varsity players, or the new coaches bringing new perspectives, the team is working hard to meet the overall goal of making it to the finals in playoffs.  In the midst of league play, the team is currently 2-0 in league and 14-6 overall.

“I think the idea of being a family has been the main goal of this season,” Bosley said, “We win together and lose together and that’s something that I’m really proud to be a part of.”