Yesenia Betancourt dribbles her two favorite sports


Hannah Kellermeyer

Sophomore Yesenia Betanacourt saves a goal. Besides playing soccer Betanacourt is the point guard for the girls jv basketball team.

Maggie Sweeney, editor in chief

While most student athletes find enough commitment in playing one sport in a season, Yesenia Betancourt takes it to a whole new level by playing two.

With her favorite sports both being in the winter, instead of choosing just one, she is playing on both the jv soccer team and jv basketball team.

Though she is able to play both sports at the same time, you would expect Betancourt to run into major conflict issues. However, the timing works out perfectly as soccer practice is right after school and basketball is in the evening.

“It gets really hard to manage it all, but it’s all worth it because I get to play my favorite sports.” sophomore Yesenia Betancourt said.

If Betancourt ever struggles with attending any of her activities, her teammates are always there to help her with any conflicts.

“There are three goalies on the soccer team this year.” sophomore Lillie Hill said. “If Yesenia isn’t able to make it to one of the games or practices, there’s always someone else to have her covered.”

Her interest in soccer began when she played for a recreational league at age five.  Later, she became more serious and joined a competitive leave at age nine. As for basketball, she began playingat the Boys and Girls club when she was five.

“In soccer I love being in the position to create game saving plays by being in goal,” Betancourt said. “And in basketball, my favorite part is getting to create plays and opportunities for my teammates.”

As a freshman she only played basketball, but this year she decided to make the transition and pursue her love for soccer as well and is currently the goalkeeper.

“While she’s in goal, her defensive stance is really good,” Hill said. “You can definitely tell it comes from basketball.”

The most challenging part for Betancourt is juggling schoolwork and athletics. Coming home from double practices can make it difficult to find the motivation for homework and studying. However, Betancourt knows how important schoolwork is and manages to continue to focus on her studies.

“It definitely becomes a challenge having so much schoolwork and not a lot of free time,” Betancourt said. “But I know school is my top priority.”

Betancourt sets her mind on her athletics while still managing to take honors classes and spend time with family and friends.

“Its really hard for me to just pick one sport,” Betancourt said. “I fell so in love with both of them.”