New CIF Power Rankings broken down

Whitney Drucker, A&E Editor

Recently, CIF accumulated a new point ranking system. The brand-new rankings incorporate five categories (Divisions I-V) with a win-loss percentage. Also, the new system accommodates smaller schools with big division one schools, while in the past only big schools played big schools and vice versa.

“The new point system incorporates 40 accommodations of categories so basically in state out of state,” athletic director Amanda Waters said. “Range of points is 50 to the low (34) and then it goes by division so if they won 75% or more of their games then thats how much you get if you beat them.”

Overall, there are four levels of teams determined by your percentage of wins and divisions I-V or school size. The first factor that determines your points is your opponents level. If your competitor is level one you will receive more points for playing them than if you play a level four team. If your opponent is division one you will also gain more points for playing them than a team who is division five. Obviously, you then obtain more points for winning than for losing.

“Let’s say you beat a division one team that has 75% or more wins you get 50 points if you lose to that same team you get 44 points,” Waters said.”But if you beat a team that is division five that has 75% or more wins you only get 46 points. So basically what they are saying is ranking and point assignment depends on how many wins you have and what division you are in.”

The new CIF power ranking system benefits the division one schools by giving them more points than the division five school, even if they have the same percentage of wins. Division is determined by how many students attend your school and your schools past five years achievements.

“Before ranking was only based on enrollment, meaning CHS would be division one and others schools would be division one or two or three,” Waters said. “Now instead of it just being based on enrollment CIF looks at the past five years and they will put you in the division they think you should be. You can request to move up or down a division. Basically how its gonna happen, theres 24 teams in division one,and the top eight go to the open division.”

The new power ranking will bring change and controversy for schools both big and small.

“I definitely like the old rankings better,” Waters said. “I think the new ones tough and doesn’t give enough credit to teams that play tougher teams like in Orange County and if they go out of the county. I think they are trying to fix that but I do think it’s not fixed yet once they figured it out it might be better but so far it’s not.”