Shannon Oh swings for division one


Senior Shannon Oh takes a swing during a golf game. Oh was partly inspired to play golf by her yearning to possibly meet pro golfer Adam Scott.

Samantha Simmons, Opinion Editor

Parents, siblings and best friends probably remember and will not let you forget that stage of having a major crush on a favorite celebrity. For senior Shannon Oh, having a crush on famous golf player Adam Scott was not just a phase, but an event that changed her life.

“It began when I had a crush on one of the pro golfers,” Shannon Oh said. “My parents went along with it for a while until my dad said, ‘You need to start playing golf! Maybe you’ll meet him!'”

From the moment her dad encouraged her to play golf, she has dedicated a majority of her time mastering golf.  Oh is currently playing her third year here on the girls golf team, and Oh and her teammates have been working hard to make it a good season.

“Right now, we are 8-0,” Oh said. “Our only rivals would be La Costa Canyon, but we have already beat them this season. I think our team might be League Champs, and I’m also working toward winning individual League Champion.”

For the past three years, Oh’s teammates have been extremely supportive of her.  With all of the hard work and dedication Oh has put in over the past nine years, she has secured herself a spot at a division one school for golf next year at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Despite all of her experiences at San Diego Junior Golf where she recently placed fourth in the 2014 Player of the Year standings, she admits that being a member of the school golf team has greatly impacted her career.

“I was such an individual freshman and sophomore year, and just this year, Carlsbad taught me how to work as a team,” Oh said. “When I get to college, it’s not going to be about me. Everyone will be good, everyone is talented.”

When talking about college, she is more excited than nervous about entering this new phase of her life.

“I actually know a lot of the girls at University of Nevada, Las Vegas,” Oh said. “I think I’ll be more inspired than intimidated by any of the players there and encouraged to keep up and work hard.”

Although she will be missed by the girls golf team, Carlsbad knows she will achieve great things.

“Golf is now an addiction of mine,” Oh said. “I love competition, and that’s what it’s all about.”