Student trainers contribute to athletic success


Hannah Kellermeyer

Senior Lizzie Petterson helps injured football player with his recent injury. Petterson has participated in the trainers program for four years

While most students spend their time in the loud crowd cheering on the football team, a select few work behind the scenes on the sidelines as student trainers. For those of you who are not familiar with the student trainer program at CHS, students interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine can take this 7th period class.  As a 5 credit course, it offers students the opportunity to work hands on with athletes and earn community service hours.

“I recommend it to people who are interested in sports med,” senior Lizzie Peterson said. “Larry is a great teacher and we learn a lot from him.”

Larry Duensing, the certified school trainer, provides the student trainers with a hands on learning experience where they can develop skills they would not be able to gain in a classroom. Lizzie Peterson has been a trainer here since freshman year. With the aspiration of majoring in kinesiology once she graduates high school, Peterson along with other fellow student trainers devote their time in order to make the football games happen.

A football game is one big puzzle; there are many different pieces that must come together in order to make the football games an enjoyable experience for everyone each Friday night. The student trainers serve an important role in this puzzle by making sure all the football players have the necessary resources to not only have a successful season, but productive practices as well.

“Not only do we provide water for the football players, but we tape them when they are injured and take care of them,” Peterson said.

These students work hard to provide the athletes here at CHS with all the resources they require while also making their time on the field enjoyable all year long.

“It is like a family bond where a lot of close relationships are formed,” Peterson said. “My favorite part of being a student trainer is spending time with the other student trainers and football players.”

While it is a major commitment over summer and throughout the year, the student trainers here intend to provide each athlete with the resources they need. Their committed dedication to not only football but other sports teams helps CHS athletics succeed.