The Track Team: A Quick Rundown


Mac Harden

Track team practices after school every day to get better and take down their opponents. Even though track lost a lot of seniors last year, they are looking forward to another good year.

The new Track and Field season brings a lot of pressure with new members, and the loss of many great senior runners.

“We lost some of our exceptional athletes last year, but we are developing great future athletes here,” Track Coach Katie Culley said. “There is some new up-in-coming talent we expect to see this year. We hope to achieve the Avocado West Champions for the fourth year in a row.”

Although the season has not officially started yet, the track team has been having practice every week and have started to hold practice meets. Last weekend on March 21, they competed with other schools to adjust the new team members to the rituals of the track meets.

“Our team is basically all about pasta, carbs and food for energy,” junior Ryan Little said. “I would also say that our team is somewhat ‘cultish’ in a way–once you are in, you are not getting out. But seriously, it is another family to me.”

Track team is a band of brothers, literally. A lot of the new team members consist of the brothers and sisters, of the seniors and juniors, convinced to join and be part of the team. They are trying to live up to the old seniors legacies and hope to accomplish more with the new freshman.

“I’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill, being the brother of Nathan Williams,” freshman Everett Williams said. “I have set expectations; I hope to be much better than my brother and accomplish things. I have the right mindset, and I know the secret to running– it’s all about the stride length.”

The team consists of many  conditioned, cross-country runners, yet there are those who do not practice before the season. They hope to whip them into shape before the season officially starts in April.

“We are getting a lot of new people, so there is a lot of potential we hope to dawn on,” senior and track team captain, Kevin Freeman said. “We score pretty well in the distance races, but we need some improvement in the short races. Our team is definitely coming along this season and we should have it down before the start of the season. We will be 4-time Avocado West Champions this year.”

The track team loves any support and they can get, through social media or attending there upcoming meets.