Boys volleyball host alumni game


Marianna Marsden

On Friday March 7, boys varsity volleyball plays a game against alumni . There is an alumni game every year on the first friday of March.

Last Friday night, the boys varsity volleyball players battled it out versus Carlsbad alumni, with the alumni wining 4-1 sets. The unique opportunity, which boys volleyball team hosts once a year, allows the graduates to stay connected within the boys volleyball program. The audience consisted of dedicated families and friends who knew either a graduate and or a current volleyball player, and was there to support the old and young lancers .

“I have been going to the game for as long as my brother graduated,” sibling of graduate Casey Castillo said. “I thought the alumni game was great. I loved the fact that the old guys actually put the varsity in their place and beat them up a little. My schools (Santa Fe Christian) women’s volleyball game is not nearly as fun, because no one goes and the graduated women do not try. ”

The much anticipated game gives alumni a chance to prove themselves, regardless of their age. The first Friday of every March, Carlsbad graduates come back to the new gym and play a game of volleyball. The game keeps the alumni involved in the Carlsbad volleyball community. Plus a change of spirit arises from all the fans, because they are able to root for both sides.

“It is refreshing to play with some of my old teammates, teachers and even newer graduates,” Carlsbad alumni Jake Castillo said. “We did come-out and show our superiority by beating the high schoolers in four games. It was also fun because I was able to play with  my high school coaches, which I was never able to do while in high school. ”

Early on in the season, with only two weeks of practice the team demonstrated potential by winning a match. They took this opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season, which is full of tough competition, by switching-up the lineups to find the best combinations for later success.

“We were able to see what level we are at, how much potential we have, and what we need to work on,” sophomore Grant Holve said. “I thought we did pretty well for our first game, playing together as a team. As an individual it allowed me to see where I fit in on the team and helped me realize how good I can become, just from seeing the alumni play. Overall the alumni game is an awesome way to start the season and see other players and how they have used the sport as a vehicle in their lives.”