NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Review

The divisional round of the NFL was a spectacular second round to the playoffs, as the teams got ready to battle in hopes to advance to the next round. On Saturday Jan. 11 the (6) New Orleans faced the (1) Seattle Seahawks, and the (4) Indianapolis Colts took on the (2) New England Patriots.

In what started off as a slow game, the Saints at Seahawks turned exciting in the 2nd half. Up 6-0, Seattle handed the ball to running back Marshawn Lynch, who ran for a 15 yard score. The run actually registered a 2.0 magnitude earthquake (adding to his resume of earthquakes from 2011), from the fans cheering on “Beast Mode.”

In the 4th quarter up 23-8, New Orleans scored another TD to make it 15-23. The Saints later elected to go for the onside kick with 26 seconds left, and successfully recovered. After a few short passes, quarterback Drew Brees passed it to wide out Marques Colston at the 37 yard line on Seattle’s side. Electing not to go out, Colston threw a forward lateral which caused a penalty and time expired, leaving Seattle to win 23-15.

In the second game the Colts headed to Foxboro to take on the Pats. The Patriots jumped out to a quick 14 point lead early in the first quarter, before Andrew Luck threw a touchdown to make the game 14-7. Late in the 3rd quarter the colts were down 29-22 after climbing out of the hole they dug themselves in. New England was quick to respond, scoring 2 more touchdowns to seal the deal.

Of the 6 touchdowns that the Patriots scored, all were rushing, and four by LeGarrette Blount. Blount had an incredible day, with 166 yards on the ground and 4 touchdowns including a 73 yard run.

On Sunday, the (6) San Francisco 49ers took on the (2) Carolina Panthers. Before the game, Cam Newton wore “Super-Cam” cleats to match his persona. the 49ers made two field goals, but Carolina bounced back quick with a TD. After exchanging scores in the 2nd quarter the 49ers led at halftime 13-10.

Mid-way through the 3rd quarter, San Francisco QB  Colin Kaepernick rushed for a 4 yard touchdown. It wasn’t the touchdown that everyone noticed, it was Kaepernick’s celebration. Mocking the opposing QB, Colin did the “Superman” in an awesome taunt. SF held on to win 23-10.

In the final game the (6) San Diego Chargers took on the (1) Denver Broncos in the mile high city. Denver jumped out to a quick start both on offense and defense, with 2 sacks and a touchdown in the 1st quarter. With another TD pass from Peyton Manning to Wes Welker, the Broncos were up 14-0 at half.

At the start of the 4th quarter the Broncos were up 17-0, but the Chargers refused to give up. Chargers wide out had a huge final quarter with two touchdowns. The Chargers were also able to recover an onside kick, giving them a chance of a comeback, but Denver’s Knowshon Moreno scored another touchdown for the Broncos to seal the win. The Broncos win 24-17, in a game of emotions.

Next week is the Championship round, where the Seattle Seahawks will take on sworn enemies, the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC. In the AFC the Broncos will take on the Patriots, in what should be an intresting Brady vs. Manning matchup.