“No Kooks Allowed”

“No kooks allowed,” the typical surfing motto meaning no non-surfers allowed. As they approach a new season under Coaches Blackburn and Cooper, Surf Team hopes to bring the usual excellence Carlsbad is known for regarding surfing.

“I’m just surfing everyday with my friends, just trying to push each other by practicing with heats,” junior Justin Nash, a three year member of the team, said.

Hoping to prepare as much as possible, with the ever changing wave selection of the ocean, surfers are often out in the water everyday practicing, as well as having fun with friends.

“A lot of seniors left but there are a lot of new freshman coming and a lot of people staying on the team this year,” junior surf team member Dane Thompson said. “With a fresh new incoming crop of freshman and other returners the team is excited for the upcoming season.”

Try outs were on Saturday Sept. 28, the different teams of Short board, Long board as well as Body board hope to come forward with an optimistic outlook for the upcoming year.  With a great turn out, the returning veterans and fresh new faces hope to show off their skills in the various competitions as the year progresses.

The surfers run 15 minute heats with double elimination. Only the top three advancing to the next heat, with less than stellar conditions, ranging one to three feet at local surf spot “Dip in the Road” located just north of the Carlsbad State Campgrounds. Men started off strong in the first heat at seven in the morning.

The judges on the panel scored each wave and added each surfers two best waves to give them their final scores. Teams were made into A/B short board, A/B Longboard, C short board, C Longboard and A/B bodyboard.

“You meet a lot of cool people in surf team and a lot of new strong friendships are made, I have some of my best friends on the team with me,” Nash said.

With teams announced this past week, practices are set to begin with optimism and energy from everyone on the team. Practicing once a week at Tamarack beach, the 2013-2014 surf team is getting prepared for a new year with fresh faces and familiar people hoping  to be the best they can be.

With the ever anticipated championship at the end of the year, Carlsbad hopes to return with with a strong foot forward. As well as continuing the great tradition of CHS surfing excellence.