Athletes show support for Breast Cancer


Marianna Marsden

Cheer and loud crowd support breast cancer by wearing pink at the football game. October is breast cancer awareness month and the Lancers showed their spirit by wearing as much pink as possible.

This year, 220,000 people in the United States will receive news that will change their lives. Of those, 40,000 will lose the battle and fall victim to the monster known as Breast Cancer. October is the official Breast Cancer awareness month, and the sports teams at Carlsbad High plan to help the cause all month long.

“We are going to try to wear as much pink as we can to show our support,” junior Michael Haselhuhn, a member of the varsity football team, said.

It is a reigning tradition for the football team to go all out with pink accessories during the month of October, because pink is the international color of Breast Cancer awareness. Football, however, is not the only sport gearing up in the iconic color. Cheer, dance, volleyball and many other sport teams are participating as well. Every group is showing their support in different ways making for a very pink campus.

” This month we are wearing pink shirts to spread awareness as well as wearing pink bows,” junior Kayleigh Roche, a varsity cheerleader, said. ” We want to let people know how big of a deal it is and how many people it affects.”

For Kayleigh, this message is even more important, for she has experienced the effects of Breast Cancer within her own family. Her aunt has struggled with the terrifying disease, and therefore Kayleigh knows how important it is to get the message out.

“Breast Cancer has affected my family so much,” Roche said. “It is so important to me to show people that it really is a difficult challenge to overcome in life.”

Showing support for the cause is not only important for those who have seen the effects first hand. Anyone can participate by wearing pink all month long. Even the volleyball team is joining in on the fun.

“We wear a lot of pink,” senior Sydney Reinhardt, a member of the varsity volleyball team, said. “Breast Cancer is a major problem that we need to find an answer to and its really important to show support.”

This month is extremely important, but it is also really enjoyable for everyone involved. All of the teams are looking forward to participating for the spread of awareness and wearing some pink.

“Everyone is really excited to spread awareness throughout October,” Roche said. “Its something we all really look forward to.”