Carlsbad Football remains undefeated on Homecoming


Jessica Streich

Senior Holland Crider scores the last touchdown of the Homecoming game against Westview on Friday, September 20th. The Lancers ended the game with a winning score of 56-7, allowing them to continue with an undefeated season.

The sun goes down and the stadium lights beam onto the field as the hundreds of Carlsbad Football fans roar in the stands welcoming their undefeated team. On Sep. 20, the fired up Lancers battled the Westview Wolverines for the Homecoming game everyone was looking forward to.

In the start of the first quarter, the Lancers lived up to their undefeated label within the first two minutes of the game when junior Dylan Rutledge ran more than 60 yards into the end zone. 

“The quick touchdowns set the momentum we used throughout the next few quarters,”  Rutledge said. “The offense was really working together to make things happen.”

Senior Christian Chapman threw two more touchdown passes and propelled the Lancers ahead even further before the start of the second quarter, moving the score to 28-0. With the Carlsbad offense playing hard, senior Jordan Perez and senior Valterri Salomaki brought in two more touchdowns.

“Our players were in the right place at the right time and everything meshed,” Chapman said. “The Westview defense couldn’t hold us.”

The Wolverines offense struggled to get past the fifty-yard line because of the strong Carlsbad defense. In the second quarter, senior James Carver blocked Westview’s punt, allowing senior Junior Macedo to pick up the ball and run into the end zone. A touchdown pass by junior Jackson Whitteker brought the score to 49-0 by the end of the half.

“I think our team has realized what we have to do to win and play our best,” Perez said. “Our defense and offense came out on fire.”

Finally, six minutes into the third quarter, Westview answered back with a lone touchdown. In response, senior Holland Crider scored the last touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter leaving the score at 55-7. 

At the end of the homecoming game, Carlsbad still remained undefeated. With the players training more than ever, the fans see the hard work pay off and look forward to watching the team dominate the turf. 

“We’ve got a lot of experienced players that really strengthen our team,” Coach MacNeal said. “We love the fans coming out and supporting and we are ready to win.”