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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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Rachel Fulton brings her best to the US

Senior Rachel Fulton is a member of the varsity softball team and plays left field. After graduation she plans to attend Chapman or NYU.
Sierra Gomperts
Senior Rachel Fulton is a member of the varsity softball team and plays left field. After graduation she plans to attend Chapman or NYU.

Some people know her as the sweetheart in their class, others as a person who simply loves everyone. However, not many people know that senior Rachel Fulton is also a vital part of our school’s softball team.

Living most of her life in Singapore with her family, Fulton came to Carlsbad her junior year and immediately showed her potential as both a student and an athlete.

Lancer Link had the opportunity to interview Rachel by email, as she was spending Easter with her family in Singapore.

Lancer Link: So let’s start with the basics. How long have you been playing softball?

Fulton: I’ve been playing for 11 years. But before learning softball I had learned baseball since my brother was a baseball player.

LL: And what made you decide to play this sport and not another one?

RF: Well I started both softball and soccer at the same age. My brother played baseball and, of course, I wanted to be like him. I decided to play softball and I even was a catcher like he was. Also, when I moved back to California in 11th grade I decided to quit soccer and focus more on softball!

LL: Sounds very interesting. What position do you play? Can you describe it?

RF: I play left-field! Left-field is right behind third base. I love, love, love playing outfield because I love to dive.

LL: Being at our school for only two years, how long have you been on the Carlsbad varsity team?

RF: I’ve been on Varsity at Carlsbad since 11th grade. Before that, at my other school, I was on varsity in ninth and tenth grade as well.

LL: Do you only do high school softball or are you also involved in club?

RF: I also do club ball. I play for the San Diego Breakers, but almost everybody on the school team plays club ball so it’s really funny seeing teammates in all different uniforms throughout the year and seeing how easily we can all come together during the season.

LL: What is your fondest memory playing softball?

RF: Well when I played in Singapore, I played five years on a team that went to a tournament called SEAYBST every year. Each of the five years we would switch off traveling between Perth, Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, and Manila and playing against all of those countries. It was always so much fun because we weren’t just playing softball with them but also were making new friends.

LL: Has softball influenced you in a non-athletic life in any way?

RF: Yes it definitely has. Softball has taught me how to work with other people and that communication is the key to success. It has also brought me really great friends.

LL: Softball players are known for their pregame rituals, do you have any pregame rituals or lucky charms?

RF: When I warm-up I have to start throwing a specific way. Also, when I get in the batter’s box I always have to hit my helmet and stare at my bat for a while which I guess makes the umpires sort of mad sometimes. My lucky charm is this tennis ball that I have hidden in my bag; it always has to be there!

LL: And are you being recruited by any collages?

RF: Yes, by Lewis and Clark in Oregon.

LL: So where do you plan on going to college?

RF: I haven’t decided yet! I have until May first to decide if I want to attend Lewis and Clark or Chapman!

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    William FultonApr 18, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    That’s my sister! Glad you’re doing well; I’m very certain you’ll go far in softball!!!!

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Rachel Fulton brings her best to the US