Junior Sherri McIntee takes swim to the next level


Sierra Gomperts

Junior Sherri McIntee soaks up some sun in front of her home away from home, the pool. As a member of the CHS Varsity swim team, Sherri spends afternoons practicing at the pool.

Trina Kim, Copy Editor

Junior Sherri McIntee takes competitive swim to an all new level; ever since she was nine years old, swimming evolved into a way of life.

Her devotion to swimming sends her all over the United States in competitions from Tennessee to Texas.  One of her most successful endeavors was winning 7th place at the U.S. Winter Short Course Junior Nationals held in Knoxville, Tennessee for the 200-meter breaststroke with a time of 2:16.39.  This prepared her for another great moment in McIntee’s life.

Last summer from June 25 to July 2, McIntee drove all the way up to Stanford to participate in the Olympic Team Trials, qualifying with a time of 2:34, about two seconds lower than the cutting time.  She placed 7th place in the 200-meter breaststroke among a thousand qualifying individuals.

“It was a really great experience,” McIntee said.  “It was a little intimidating to see all these Olympians and record holders, but it was really eye-opening to know that there are so many great swimmers out there.”

McIntee had to go through much physical training and practices to get there; she is currently a member of the organization Junior Nationals.  She attends seven practices per week for swimming and even controls her diet on a daily basis.

“A week to a month before a tournament, [I] have to give up sugar and drink a lot of water to be hydrated,” McIntee said.

However, her successful swimming career wasn’t without any obstacles.  McIntee admits that she did hit a plateau last year when her times weren’t improving but has preserved through moments like this.

“[Burning out] has definitely been a struggle for a lot of swimmers I know,” McIntee said.  “I definitely experienced it but it’s just like that I’ve done [swimming] for so long, I can’t live without it.  I enjoy swimming and knowing that I’m improving.”

With this mindset, she wants to take the next level in her swimming career and wholeheartedly plans to continue with the sport through college.

“I definitely want to swim in college; my dream is to swim at Notre Dame,” said McIntee.  “My dad, my uncle, my sister currently goes there, and I’ve been there and I love the atmosphere.”