Cal Swish prepares for upcoming tournament this summer

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

In July 2012, ten determined and dedicated basketball players will step off a plane ready for a life changing tournament. Players will travel to Tennessee, Oregon and LA to play in a viewing tournament.

“A viewing tournament is when we compete against different basketball teams in the nation and hundreds of coaches critique you,” junior Alyssa Ramos said. “All of these college coaches are very critical and pick at what you are bad at.”

In order to prepare for this tournament, a lot of hard work and dedication is put into practices. Players practice four days a week for two hours a day and go to the weight room before practice.

“In the weight room I do bench presses, power cleans, squats and abs,” Ramos said. “These exercises make us stronger and help us do our tasks better.”

In order to play well in the tournament, the team focuses on fundamentals. Fundamentals in basketball include dribbling, passing and shooting.

“Our fundamentals are going to be way better than the other teams,” Ramos said.  “Most teams do not practice these as much but we perfect them which will prepare for Tennessee and Oregon.

These tournaments provide an easy way for talented players to get signed. If the team continues to win in the tournament, the number of college coaches will increase per game. The final round has about one hundred coaches.

“If I did not participate in the viewing tournament last year it would have been difficult to get signed. I would have to provide schools with more resources,” senior Olivia Ottone said.

Unlike high school basketball, Cal Swish focuses on an individual’s performance. In the viewing tournament it is crucial that the scouts see all of the player’s strengths.

“These practices are tailored to running plays that will highlight each player’s strong suits. The whole point is to give players exposure,” Ottone said. “ These tournaments are meant to showcase one player.”

With all of the hard work, dedication and effort athletes have put in the gym they should expect to see success in the future.

“Our coaches really push us to be the best we can be,” Ramos said. “We have a strong team this year, and I am excited to see how far we will go in our tournaments.”