Boys Varsity Basketball challenges the Wildcats


Junior Ruben Gonzalez gets ready to make a free throw.

Madison Dearie, staff writer and photographer, foregin correspondent

On Wed., Jan. 25, the Boys Varsity Basketball team took on the El Camino Wildcats. They may not have been on their own turf, but the men started the game out right getting the tipoff.

Junior Rob Reddick was then quick to score the first points of the game.

“Robert had a couple important points in the first quarter,” junior Andrew Deng said.

Senior Brian Kobayashi followed it up with two rebounds and another two rebounds, this time by Sophomore Chase Ogden putting CHS quickly in the lead with a score of 8 to 2. Unfortunately, in the last minute of the first quarter the Wildcats scored again ending it 12 to 10.

In the second quarter, CHS came back when Reddick scored tying it up 12 to 12. With one second left on the clock, sophomore Matt Tomaheng shot and scored making the end tally for the first half CHS 24, Wildcats 35. Four three-pointers from El Camino hit the team hard throughout the first half, during which CHS also had eleven turnovers.

“We fought hard, but they made a couple of tough shots that took us off our tempo,” Deng said.

A high scorer for CHS, though, was Reddick.

“He had a terrific game and started off with the first 6 points,” junior Ruben Gonzalez said.

Senior Rob Loud, junior James Miller, Tomaheng, and Ogden all were high scorers as well with four points each.

At the start of the third quarter Gonzalez made a steal gaining two points for the team. The rest of the third quarter went to the Wildcats with another four three-pointers. But, in the fourth quarter CHS came back. Reddick scored another two points giving him a total of eight. Loud made another two as well totaling six for him and also made five rebounds.

The real surprise came from Gonzalez who in the first half had made only one point, but by the end of the second half had fourteen. Another outstanding player was Daren Mack.

“It was his first chance this year to step up and he did. He played well,” coach Ogden said.

Though the Lancers lost with a final score of  70 to 51, the players showcased dedication and determination throughout the game.

“We played hard. We competed hard. And we will try again Friday,” Ogden said.