Mens varsity soccer defeats San Dieguito Academy

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

On Dec. 16 2011, mens varsity soccer defeated San Dieguito Academy at their first home game bringing their record  to 4-4-1.

“It felt amazing to win,” junior Ruben Gonzalez said. “The feeling is undescribable.”

Saul Enciso took advantage of his speed and scored within the first ten minutes of the game. Gonzalez contributed to two of the goals throughout the game. Senior Saul Enciso passed Gonzalez the ball on a corner kick and Gonzalez tapped the ball in the goal bringing the lancers in the lead. Gonzalez also made another goal later on in the game.

“We have been working hard and the win was well deserved,” Gonzalez said.

Rayne Johnson on SDA came back in the second half by scoring a goal. However the lancers made sure that was the only goal SDA scored and continued to play well.

Many fouls and penalty kicks went back and forth between teams. All defenders played aggressively making sure the other team did not score. No red cards or yellow cards were given but a few players suffered injuries.

Jared Marr hurt his hip and suffered a hard hit in the head.

“It is very important to play aggressive because that makes the other team afraid of you,” junior Jared Marr said.

Overall the lancers deserved this victory and should expect more success in the season.

“It felt really good to win because we have been working really hard,” senior Saul Enciso said. “ I think we have a great season ahead of us.”