No end in sight to NBA lockout


Nick La Bounty, Assistant Editor

With the Major League Baseball season coming to a close, normally the National Basketball Association season would be just around the corner.

This year, this is sadly not the case.  Thanks to the NBA lockout, the entire preseason and first two weeks of the season have already been canceled.  During this time, teams cannot sign or contact players, and players do not have access to NBA facilities, trainers and staffs.  The lockout will remain in effect until the National Basketball Players Association reaches an agreement with the NBA owners.

Unable to support his favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers, junior Ruben Gonzalez is disappointed.

“Not being able to see the Lakers play is like a very scary movie becoming reality,” Gonzalez said.

This lockout comes down to one problem—money.  Players, teams, owners and the NBA franchise want more money, but the budget needs to be allocated.  Unless all of the parties come to an agreement, the season will stay on hold.

Some NBA all-stars, including Deron Williams and Tony Parker, have already signed contracts with teams overseas, in order to keep in shape and still make money.  Williams has signed for a team in Turkey while Parker has chosen to return to his native country, France.  Many of the 70 players who have made this decision have the option to return once an agreement is reached.

After forcibly taking a break from basketball, some students have switched their attention to other sports.

“I have always been a fan of college football and the NHL, but with no NBA season I’ll follow them even closer,” senior Mark Reiner said.

Since having an NBA season by Christmas looks unlikely, students find it hard to remain optimistic.

“I don’t think we are going to be able to watch basketball this season, which is horrible,” senior Drew Tarman said.  “I hope they get a deal done, but it’s not looking good.”