Liebentritt lives and breathes sports and family

Shon Cagungun, staff writer

Mr. Joe Liebentritt recently assumed the position of athletic director here at CHS. His scope of experience ranges from administration to coaching, but sports and the family connection play a more pivotal role in his life.

Growing up, Liebentritt played quite a few sports ranging from lacrosse to basketball. He filled his time on fields and courts of all types, building his skills with friends and family.

“If it had a ball or a stick, we played it,” Liebentritt said.
To this day, Liebentritt still juggles his work and sports with a full house. The Liebentritts round out at six; Mr. Liebentritt, his wife, their triplet daughters and a son keep him more than busy.
“My family is my hobby,” Liebentritt said.
Never really becoming partial to one sport or another, he played football and basketball all through high school, finally earning a college scholarship on the hardwood. He was on his way to a fulfilling career as an educator and a coach.
“I don’t know that I had a favorite sport. I had a [basketball] scholarship so I wasn’t too bad at that,” Liebentritt said.
The journey from coach to assistant principal to athletic director has given Liebentritt perspective for putting CHS sports back on the map. He brings charisma and excitement back to our sports program, hard work being goal number one. 
“I judge [our] success by how hard we compete,” Liebentritt said. “My job is to give people an opportunity to have [that].”
So next time you visit a sporting event, look out for a tall, bearded man watching with an intensely focused eye. It will probably be Liebentritt watching the Lancers sweat their way to another victory. 
“I just like to compete,” Liebentritt said. “I want to be able to help coaches put kids in a position to succeed.”