No rest for the devoted swimmers

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

All of the athletes for the North Coast Aquatics swim team put in a tremendous amount of dedication and effort. Athletes practice six days a week for three hours year round.

A typical practice consists of box jumps, running, jumping jacks, pull ups and difficult swimming sets.

“I have been swimming for eight years and I dedicate a lot of my time for swim,” Freshman Gretchen Horbol said. “Swim is a lot harder than most people think it takes a lot of effort.”

Many people do not realize the intensity and devotion swimming takes. Swimmers have to give up staying up late, sleeping in and having free time during the week. A few days a week swimmers have to go to practice in the morning and afternoon.

“Swimming is a very hard sport because you have to make a lot of sacrifices such as having a social life,” Freshman Elise Wright said. “On top of that, it is physically hard.”

Even though swim takes up free time, everyone on NCA shares a great bond because they spend so much time together. Swimmers push through the hard and long practices together and hang out together after a long tiring practice.

“Swimming has become part of my daily life and I love swimming with my friends,” Horbol said. “I wouldn’t do swim without my amazing teammates.”

In the long run, all of the allegiance swimmers put into NCA pay off. Most people on NCA walk away with a scholarship; the NCA coach helps players get scholarships because of the team’s great success.

“I know these practices are good for me because it will help me improve my times,” Wright said. “Once I improve my times I can get a college scholarship.”

NCA prepares athletes well for high school swim. Many people on the NCA senior swim team make varsity. Players on NCA usually place well in events because NCA’s vigorous prepares them well.

“High School swim is easier than club.  The requirements are less in high school,” Junior Nick Millian said. “When we have meets in club, we swim at least five different events while meets at high school we only swim one or two events. I usually place better in my events in high school than I do in club.”

Even though swim takes a great amount of dedication, the players who stick with it really enjoy the sport.

“Even though swim is a challenging sport I really enjoy it,” Wright said. “It is really exciting preparing for big meets.”